Upcoming changes (0.6)

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Upcoming changes (0.6)

Post by Dee on Tue Aug 15, 2017 2:33 pm

BETA BUILD 0.6 (not yet released)

Note: This list of upcoming changes is a work-in-progress documentation and the final change-log of the upcoming build may differ from it.

Changes and added features of 0.6


• Settings Profiles: Pressing the [Enter] key while the text field for the profile name has the focus now works the same as clicking the "Save" button. Overwriting the 'Default' profile by pressing the [Enter] key is not possible anymore.

Sprite tab

• The number of Cel-Shading light levels is now adjustable.
• In the dynamic lighting preview, when choosing the mouse position as the center of the light source (Light Circulation | Mouse), the light position can now be locked and the coordinates can be changed manually. The shortcut for locking the mouse position is Ctrl+L.

Fixed issues of 0.5

Batch processing

• Fixed a bug that caused batch processing to only work when having the "Process Subfolders" option checked.
• Fixed a bug that caused the ambient occlusion map to wind up in the main output directory instead of the correct subfolder when using the 'process subfolders' option.

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